2008 Disney Channel Games

The 2008 Disney channel game occurred in the year 2008 during the summer season. The game had two extra hosts including Meaghan Jette Martin and Cody Linley. Unlike the previous games, the 2008 edition game featured only in five events and online hosts. Thirty seven Disney channels from the world convened at the Walt Disney world in this edition. In each of the 2008 Disney channel games, special telecasts were aired on Saturday at 8:00 pm.

Disney channels have tailored for the education and kids on the bbTV internet protocol television. The preschool programs are the latest programs in the Disney channels that are long time leader in the children's cable television. Kid's TV has become a lucrative enterprise since it earns from cable subscribers and merchandise royalties. This is the reason why Disney channel is shutting up soapnet, a twelve years old channel devoted to soap opera and shifting the program to the new venture in networks that aims at families and young people after the ABC family program. One can access the program through subscription through any of the participating TV providers. There are certain restrictions that are set that only allow an individual to watch verified contents as per the subscription. The various categories of subscription that exist include: one can listen to the music on Radio Disney right on the application, watch the Disney channel live or else watch full episode of favourite at any time. People give various opinions regarding to the Disney channel and some says that the programs on the channel are not very good to watch.

In the 2008 edition, people would vote their favourite players and get into action through the online version of the Disney channel games observable every week. In one of the events during the 2008 edition, Disney channel stars arrived at the stadium and got divided into four categories, the lighting, comets, cyclones and inferno. The four teams were sent to headquarter and the initial challenge was the chariot of champion, and Miley Cyrus presented the new song known as breakout. The whole edition had around a total of five events that were presented during the competition with red and yellow teams winning twice.

The diversity of the viewers has greatly increased in the recent with older audience and young adults. The channel is presented with an alternate Spanish language audio feed which can either be through a separate channel as a Spanish language network package retailed by cable and satellite suppliers. The program can also be presented as a separate audio track with SAP options depending on the provider of TV. The 2008 edition can be viewed through the watch Disney channel. Watch Disney channel is an application that allows an individual to watch the full episodes and favourite Disney shows freely on either tablets or computer. They incorporate various games that are set for a given target group. Such games are important to growing children since it enhances the literacy skills of a child enhancing their interpersonal skill of that child.


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