A Quick Glimpse of Playhouse Disney Channel

Disney channel was launched on the 18th month of April in 1983. The channel is known worldwide and it aims to catch the attention of viewers aging from 9 to 14 years as well as the children within the age range of 2 up to 6 years. In targeting teens and pre-schoolers is a good strategy that they made which really attracted the viewers. With regard to this, Disney is now popular over different countries in the world. There are also lots of characters found in here that most viewers idolize.

In years of service, Disney continues to improve and upgrade their programs to be more interesting to its viewers. Including to the changes being made is the Playhouse Disney channel. The program was launched on May 8, 1997. It was a morning program then that aimed pre-schoolers to watch. The show contains a mix program that is suitable for kids and older children. This was made part of the morning line up shows in the Disney channel. But unfortunately the play house Disney is no longer available. It was discontinued on the 13th month of February in 2011. The show was then replaced by now they called Disney junior.

The Disney junior was aired during Monday up to Friday. The start of the show is from 6am up to 2pm and during weekends they had also the show from 6 to 9 pm on its time slot. The program was launched on the 14th month of February in year 2011. The usual targeted audience that they aim here are the pre-schooler that’s why they have that kind of time slot. In 2010, the feature of the program only focuses on the classic Disney characters that are popular to kids.

The Mickey Mouse clubhouse show then became part of the Disney junior. There is also a short film included which was called the have a laugh. As the program became popular the shows added more such as special agent Oso, 3rd and bird and many more. All of this show is educational that kids can learn while watching. As the Disney junior becoming the successor of the Playhouse Disney was launched in the month of September of 1997 as another block which targeted pre-schools. In the 23rd month of March in 2012 the program now has its own satellite and basic cable. This program served as a competitor with other programs on TV.

Despite the success that Disney channel is facing, they also had some controversies and criticisms from the audience and the experts. This is due to the declining of the quality of program being aired on the channel. They viewed the issue positively that help them to think of a better strategy in improving the said program. And now in expanding their success they have now videos games which can be downloaded that includes their favourite characters. By being internationally popular the Disney also came up with programs where kids can interact and learn more on the show. Even the playhouse of Disney channel is no longer available, viewers can still have the same show where they are used to on the Disney channel.