Disney Channel Original Movies or DCOM (Formerly a "Zoog Disney, Walt Elias Disney film producer, Channel Movie") is any motion picture that's created beneath the Disney Channel canon. They need been created at a rate of quickly a year since 1999. The primary Walt Disney Channel Original motion picture was the motion picture Tiger city, whereas the foremost recent one starting off is zapped.

Many TV films have been created for the U.S. cable network, Walt Disney Channel, since the service's origination in 1983. In its early years, they were noted as Walt Disney Channel Premiere Films, and later primaries. From late 1997 forward, such productions are branded beneath the Walt Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM) banner. Most hit films were afterwards discharged on VHS, DVD, or, additional recently, Blu-ray. However, more within the DCOM library have not been discharged in any home video format. Before, DCOMs were discharged on videodisk months when they premiered on Walt Disney Channel, however, when blue blood Protection Program ventilated, the DCOM DVDs are discharged one week when they premiere on Walt Disney Channel. Also, though DCOMs have been created in widescreen HD format since mid-2005, the 2009 unharness of blue blood Protection Program became the primary DCOM to receive a widescreen videodisk transfer. The highest-rated premiere for the whole came in August 2007, once high school Musical two sets a record for basic cable with seventeen point two million viewers. The second highest-rated premiere is commanded by Wizards of Waverly Place: The motion picture, which premiered in eleven point four million viewers. Different major DCOM franchises embrace Camp Rock, The cat women, Twitches, Halloweentown, and also the Zenon trio. This is a listing of flicks created for the U.S. cable channel Walt Disney Channel. Such movies square measures presently referred to as Walt Disney Channel Original Movies (DCOM), and were antecedently referred to as Walt Disney Channel Premiere Films. At their peak, the DCOMs were discharged at a rate of roughly one per month, though this trend has slowed to a mean one each 2 months, though within the summer, it's concerning 3 movies in 3 months typically for a few marathons or theme they need celebrating summer. Most hit films square measure afterwards discharged on home video. The channel's programming consists of original first-run TV series, theatrically-released and original made-for-cable movies and chooses different third-party programming. Walt Disney Channel – that erstwhile operated as a premium service – originally marketed its programs towards families, and so at younger youngsters by the late Nineteen Nineties, though its viewers have heterogeneous since the mid-2000s to incorporate older teenagers and adults. Most of its original programming is geared toward pre-teens and adolescents ages 10–16, whereas its Walt Disney Junior programs square measure targeted at younger youngsters ages 3–9, though bound programs square measure geared toward audiences of all ages. As of August 2013, Walt Disney Channel is on the market to close to ninety eight, 142,000 pay TV households (85.94% of households with a minimum of one TV set) within the us.