The film producer Disney Channel Games additionally referred to as the DC games could be a mini series on Disney Channel that airs each Saturday night as a part of their thus Hot Summer programming, since the year 2006, the primary time they ventilated the games. The film producer Disney Channel Games were the annual Olympics-based televised games that ventilated on the Disney Channel from 2006–2008. The Games led to 2008, however, had a replacement on twenty four Gregorian calendar month (December), 2011 referred to as Disney's Friends for modification Games. The 2006 Games were recorded in Golden State and created by 7ATE9 amusement. In 2007 and 2008 the Games were recorded at Disney's Wide World of Sports advanced at film producer World Resort, Florida. The 2007 Games were created by Walt Disney Channel, and 2008 were created by the pitch battle TV and Penn/Bright amusement. The Disney channel's programming consists of original first-run TV series, theatrically-released and original made-for-cable movies and chooses an alternative third-party programming. Walt Disney Channel – that erstwhile operated as a premium service – originally marketed its programs towards families, and so at younger youngsters by the late Nineties, though its TV audience has distributed since the mid-2000s to incorporate older teenagers and adults. Most of its original programming is aimed toward pre-teens and adolescents ages 10–16, whereas its Walt Disney Junior programs are targeted at younger youngsters ages 3–9, though sure programs are aimed toward audiences of all ages. As of August 2013, Walt Disney Channel is offered to more or less 98,142,000 pay TV households (85.94% of households with a minimum of one TV set) within the US. The channel's daytime schedule throughout its existence as a pay service was inhabited primarily by series aimed toward youngsters (as opposition the movie-driven daytime lineups of alternative premium services), interspersed with a restricted variety of flicks – typically one daytime feature on weekdays, and 2 or 3 films on weekends, beside the occasional live - action and animated specials for kids. The nighttime schedule featured a mixture of theatrical, made-for-cable and straight-to-video films (recent and older family-oriented movies were shown within the early evenings, whereas classic films – primarily releases from the Thirties to the Sixties – typically ran throughout the late evening and night long hours) and original specials (primarily within the type of concerts, selection specials and documentaries). D-TV, a brief section that includes musical genre interlinking with scenes from Disney's animated shorts and have films, additionally sporadically ventilated as filler between shows. In contrast to alternative premium services, The Walt Disney Channel opted to not disclose a film's show Association of America-assigned a rating before the beginning of the feature (the solely bumpers showing at the beginning of programs indicated closed captioned programs, likewise as on rare occasions, parental advisories for feature films).