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The new Disney channel are more friendly to children and family and they use modern technology in their production which enhances their appealing nature and relevant to kids and children. In the original series of the channel films, a player in the film would be asked to draw a clue while his or her colleagues had to identify it before they are out of time. Presently, the players' drawing board have to exploit motion manager, interactive multi-touch screen exhibition and explicit technology. They are likely to introduce a new kids' generation and families to the new version in the 21st century. The comedy in the game is appealing with a lot of physical comedy and creative game play. The channel has regularly aired their program and game show in the past decade. Some of the Disney games demonstrated in the 1990s include mad lib, off the wall and the Z Games. The new emerging games incorporate styles that originate from the initial games in the Disney channel. For instance the Reynolds game is thought to have been established from the original lose or draw basing from the game he played in his residence.

The diversity of the viewers has greatly increased in the recent with older audience and young adults. The channel is presented with an alternate Spanish language audio feed which can either be through a separate channel as a Spanish language network package retailed by cable and satellite suppliers. The program can also be presented as a separate audio track with SAP options depending on the provider of TV. The Disney programs mainly constitute programs that are of original series and aims at young teenagers and preschool children. Some of the series include animated series such as fish hook, Phineas and Ferb and gravity falls, the live actions include I don't do it, A.N.T. farm and Dog with A Blog. On the hand, the Disney junior series include the Sofia the first, the Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Jake and never land pirate.

Disney channels have popular shows throughout the history and they are produced mainly by Disney channel. Most of program in the Disney channel aim at adolescent ages and on the other hand, the junior Disney channels aim at children between the ages 3-9 years. Some program are however, target audiences of all age categories. The channel currently consists of original series that are aimed at young teenagers and the junior Disney aimed at preschool children. The channel also airs a repetition of Disney original channels such as lib rats, kickin' it, and the mighty med, the feature films, short-form programs, and music videos. One of the films in the Disney program is the high school musical film. Disney channels have tailored for the education and kids on the bbTV internet protocol television. The preschool programs are the latest programs in the Disney channels that are long time leader in the children's cable television. Kid's TV has become a lucrative enterprise since it earns from cable subscribers and merchandise royalties.

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