Disney Channel High School Musical 2 Games

Disney channels have popular shows throughout the history and they are produced mainly by Disney channel. Most of program in the Disney channel aim at adolescent ages and on the other hand, the junior Disney channels aim at children between the ages 3-9 years. Some program are however, target audiences of all age categories. The channel currently consists of original series that are aimed at young teenagers and the junior Disney aimed at preschool children. The channel also airs a repetition of Disney original channels such as lib rats, kickin' it, and the mighty med, the feature films, short-form programs, and music videos. One of the films in the Disney program is the high school musical film.

High school musical is an American teen film that was introduced in the year 2006. It is the initial instalment of the musical school musical trilogy. It is one of the most successful Disney channel original movie that has been ever produced. High school musical 2 was released in 2007 and high school musical 3 in the year 2008. This was the earliest original movie that had a theatrical sequel. This is the most watched film that recorded the highest number of viewers when it was produced. The story in the film describes two high school juniors from competitor groups who lead part in their high school musical and eventually divided the school. Despite other students trying to discourage them from achieving their dreams, they resist rivalry and peer pressure and inspired others along the way not to be conservative by holding the status quo. High school diva, Ashley Tisdale makes several efforts to interfere with the friendship between Gabriella and Troy, the two leaders and also get a go ahead in the school musical team through the aid of her brother Ryan.

The film was performed at East high school which is located in the Salt Lake City. The event begun when Troy and Gabriella meets in a party when they were still teens and they get attracted to one another exchanging their contacts before departing from one another. Troy finds it difficult to focus during the basketball practice because his mind is ever on Gabriella. Both Troy and Gabriella attend the musical audition when Sharpy and her twin brother perform; however, both of them were shy to the audition. Troy offered to sing at the time when Gabriella had gained courage and stepped forward. Darbus informs the two that they were late and when darbus tries to leave, the musical composer known as Kelsi Nielsen trips and drop her items. Gabriella and Toy dash to go and help her as they sing together and Kelsi plays piano. These demonstrates the over view of the plot of the film from the start. At the end of the film, both Troy and Gabriella win their competition and the whole school throng in the gym to commemorate. The two people had different discouraging moments before they eventually come to win the competition in the audition.


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