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Various television films have already been produced for U.S cable network. Disney channel, since the interception of the service in 1983.Earlier on they were referred to as Disney channel premiere Films and later premieres. Since late 1997 onwards, the production been branded under DISNEY CHANNEL ORIGINAL MOVIES (DCOM) banner. Various hit films were produced on VS, DVD, or, more recently, Blu-ray. However in the DCOM library many more have never been released in any home video format. Since then, DCOMs would be produced months on DVD after it premiered on Disney channel, but after Princes Protection Programme aired, the DCOM DVDs are released a week after it desired on Disney Channel. Although DCOMs in widescreen HD format have been produced ever since 2005, the 2009 production of Princess Protection Program became the first DCOM to receive a widescreen DVD transfer.

Disney channel movies are interesting and thrilling and this attracts many people to watch the movies. Some of the companies that used to produce similar series program such as Walt Disney television have been dropped from the channel. Some of the Disney programs are appealing to girl children with shows such as the Hannah Montana. Some programs aired by Disney are also appealing to boys and they include Aaron stone among others. The program s are set to a given target group and they are displayed at a given specific time. For instance during the weekend evening, the channel airs first the recent episodes of the original series that runs for a period of three nights. The Friday night features include Jessie and gravity fall. Saturday night features include I Don't Do It, and Live and Maddie.

The premieres highest-rated for the brad came in August 2007,when a record for basic cable with 17.2 million viewers was set by High school Musical 2.Thesecond highest 'rated premiere is held by Wizards of Waverley place: The movies, that premiered with 11.4 million viewers.. Among the Disney channel movies, some of the best films include the proud family movie that was produced in the year 2005. The other movies include the thirteenth year; the mom's got date with a vampire, which was produced in the year 2000, the pixel perfect and the even Stevens film among others. For instance in the movie Even Stevens, Stevens in the film are enticed to believe that they had won a holiday to the island in the mid pacific. Later on they came to realize that they were being watched globally on a hidden camera show. The movie is full of humour in its entire plot providing a lot of laughing instances. However, it is important that parents be on watch when exposing their kids to such movies. Children ought to be exposed to what they deserve because some of the movies are horrific and may terrify children bringing some sense of fear in their life as they interact with the environment.


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