Disney Channel Video Games

The collection of the animated series, teenage dramas & star actors of Disney Channel is the vehicle for the video games. The music stars like Hannah Montana and the animated heroes like Ferb and Phineas as well as the made for television films such as the Camp Rock feature their video game stories. Musical games seem to be popular. However, you will find adventure and action or puzzle-based games which present the characters of Disney channel.

Camp Rock – The Last Jam

It was made available for Nintendo DS. This one provides the players with a rare chance to discover Camp Rock. They can create their own avatars and they can use a particular design for the stage outfits. This will also allow you to use your own stylus so that you can play with the songs of Camp Rock with your guitar, drums and bass. Plus, you can interact with each character from various movies in a camp-themed mini-game and include your dance moves.

Ferb and Phineas Ride Again

With this, you can collect the materials and create 4 projects with those step-brothers filling the summer days with despicable construction feats and mayhem. The entertainment will start with Ferb and Phineas. You can play as the secret agent in order to defeat Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Otherwise, you may challenge yourself and have fun with mazes on the characters of Phineas, Candace and the older sister of Ferb. This video game has been made available for Nintendo DS.

Disney Fairies – The Great Fairy Rescue and Tinker Bell

With this one, you can now create your fairy. You can use her in order to locate the 6 rare lilies which will help you in bringing back the Fairy Camp in the end of the summer celebration. Build your team with your human friend named Lizzy with the cast of the famous fairy characters like Tinker Bell. The main purpose behind here is to accomplish your special task. This game has been made available for Nintendo DS. It comes with over thirty mini-games and hundreds of fashionable clothes that you can use as an outfit of your fairy. It can also let you get connected with your friends at PixieHollow.com.

Hannah Montana – Spotlight World Tour

This is the interactive musical sensation you can ever experience. This video game comes with an opportunity for the players to sing or dance with the greatest hits of Hannah Montana. You will be able to develop your performing skills as well as your fashion sense while you tour all over the world. This way, you will get fans and you will be recognized as a pop star. This video game has been made available for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Playstation 2 Systems.

These are the Disney channel video games that most players choose to play online. If you want adventure and non-stop fun then you should think about these video games. It is because they can have more surprises that will make you feel good and relaxed throughout your play time. Choose one and get amazed as you play.