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The diversity of the viewers has greatly increased in the recent with older audience and young adults. The channel is presented with an alternate Spanish language audio feed which can either be through a separate channel as a Spanish language network package retailed by cable and satellite suppliers. The program can also be presented as a separate audio track with SAP options depending on the provider of TV. The 2008 edition can be viewed through the watch Disney channel. Watch Disney channel is an application that allows an individual to watch the full episodes and favourite Disney shows freely on either tablets or computer. They incorporate various games that are set for a given target group. Such games are important to growing children since it enhances the literacy skills of a child enhancing their interpersonal skill of that child. Disney xd is one of the Disney channel programs that is a digital cable and satellite television channel. The channel is found in the United States and is mainly aiming at the young males at the ages between seven years to fourteen years. The launching of the channel took place on February, 2009 to replace the predecessor toon Disney.

The program carries actions and comedies which are taken from the Disney channel and the previous jetix block from the Toon Disney. Besides these, they also have programs borrowed from the first run original programs in the Disney channel and the off-network syndicated shows. Disney xd channel operates as an advertiser support services the same way its predecessor used to operate. The channel has other sister programs such as the Disney junior channel and the parent network Disney channel. The only difference that exists between these programs is that unlike the Disney XD channel, they do not operate as an advertiser service operation. The channel has the same names as the unrelated mini-site as well as the media player on the Disney.com; this stood for the Disney Xtreme digital though the actual XD name has no exact meaning. Disney channel has received heavy controversies that criticise its program directions.

In recent, multimedia has advanced to enhance Disney programs to roll out much more intricate and technically sophisticated products. Various researches conducted have commented the extensive entertainment emporium provided by the Disney channels which are psychologically applied with contents ranging from sexual to subliminal messaging and occult imagery among other adult themes. If parents can examine these programs closely with the images they present and their concepts, they may think otherwise before allowing their children to watch such programs. Some people raise concerns that Disney games sexualize young children and degrade the morality of the children through the use of dissident psychological habituation. The critics disapprove its marketing strategies which are drafted by the Disney ABC television group. This has resulted into the slanting of the target audience in the Disney channel programs towards the teenage girls and the pre-teens. Most viewers who grew up watching the programs presented on the Disney channel such as the family targeted shows, have also complained on the perceived deteriorated quality in their program presentation since in the year 2008

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