Disney Junior Games for Kids

Disney Junior games for kids has been popular since the start of the Disney Junior channel, a Disney Channels Worlwide owned American satellite television and digital cable network aimed for children between 3-9 years of age. The network mainly airs animated programs which consist of original animated television series and made-for-DVD movies and other selected third-party programs.

Disney Junior has produced interactive games for kids that people can utilize for children’s learning and development. These include 3-dimensional downloadable online games patterned from the channels shows (including Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Henry Hugglemonster, Art Attack, Little Einsteins and Bunytown) and classic Disney films (such as Cars and Toy Story).

Disney Junior games for children incorporate goal of objective driven learning activities which uses basic skills (such as counting, identifying shapes, familiarizing colors and learning new words) which develop children’s analytical and problem-solving skills. These games present subject matter in an enjoyable, pressure-free method by making use of the popular Disney Channel cartoon characters, producing less intimidating challenges.

For example, tie up games of the show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse presents situations that encourage problem solving, where the characters go on a venture to rescue a friend or to locate a missing object. Mickey will explain the problem and invites the players to accompany him at the gigantic Mickey-head-shaped device called Mousekadoer whose function is to display the episodes Mousekatools, which is a collection of objects (usually 3-5) designed to solve the episode’s problem. Mickey then raises questions to the player to what they should do and act as if the gamer is present in the context. Mickey Mouse can either give clues or options that the players can click on the screen. Every clicked item presents a solution and if it is wrong, the player learns of trial-and-error, experimenting until they’ve accomplished the correct answer.

Another Disney Junior game for kids is the tie up game of Handy Manny (derived from the phrase “handy man”). The game presents Manny in his repair shop located in the fictional town called Sheetrock Hills. The game is informative since a multitude of characters speaks and allows the players to learn some basic Spanish words, similar to the popular Nickelodeon game and show of Dora the Explorer. The game includes the Tools (the talking mechanic equipments such as a screwdriver hammer and saw) which sing the Handy Manny theme song “Hop up, Jump in”. Just like in the animated show, the Disney Junior game character Manny will roam around Sheetrock Hills and encounters a problem that encourages the players cooperation such as which tool is required to fix an a car engine or which is used to saw a plank. Other Disney junior games for kids include Toy Story adventures and the racing game based from the movie Cars.

Disney Junior games use the network’s ‘whole child’ concept, a curriculum of social, creativme and cognitive learning opportunities. This strategy in these games allows children players to evaluate their actions, learn from their errors and try again.