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Disney programs are available at anytime anywhere and people can enjoy them as they want. Watch Disney channels have shows such as, Disney junior programs, phineas and Ferb, shake it up and Jessie. They are available on iphone, ipod, and computers. They have episodes that an individual can watch in full version or as per their convenience. Watch Disney is available to the Cox TV inhabitants who have the Disney channel as their Cox TV subscription. Watch Disney application is available in most of the computers, laptops and desktops. In order to access the channels and shows online, there are requirements that an individual must meet. The watch Disney applications can be downloaded from Apple store. The channel operates essentially as a trade free channel and therefore, does not opt to feature the traditional commercial adverts in the course of its in-show breaks because the younger viewers may not distinguish between the adverts and real programs.

Disney Junior constitutes a block which features in Disney channel and are usually meant for children aged between three years and nine years. The program was debuted in the year 2011 and it is usually aired on Monday and Friday from 6.00 in the morning to 2.00pm. Some of its features are designated for school breaks periods and during holidays. The program also features on weekends from 6:00 am to 9:00 am in the eastern and Pacific Time zone. The block mainly targets the preschoolers since the main Disney program majorly targets the pre-teen and young boys and girls in their adolescent stage. Some of the programs under Disney junior which are presented as Disney classic characters include the "Mickey mouse clubhouse." The other programs presented in the same block include the land pirate, imagination movers, doc mucstuffin, jungle junction, 3rd and bird, special agent Oso, handy manny and jakes and never. They engages children's mind using cartoons and through these program, the children's memory abilities are enhanced and they get prepared for school. Different people have different tastes and preferences on TV shows.

The program was initially launched on the Disney channel in the year 201 with the discontinuation of playhouse Disney before the block's mascots Ooh and Aah got retired and other program in the block such as "my friend tigger and pooh" were dropped from the channel. Disney channel offers several games that mostly appeal to kids, though they may also be relevant to adults. Various young men are processed through Disney channels and most of the credentials in the US mega pop and Hollywood stars were groomed through the channel. Some people raise concerns that Disney games sexualize young children and degrade the morality of the children through the use of dissident psychological habituation. Some of the proper examined Disney cultural machines would take an individual to a very dark corner of applied behavioural psychology. UK companies employ innovative design which involves intensive research in order to set an appropriate project implementation model, contrary to the UK, Chinese companies to a few of research work and therefore, their implementation strategies are based from the past experiences.

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