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Disney games play an important role in the children development that can affect their development and growth. Disney animated cartoons are impressionable to young kids although some of them are fairly disturbing when one considers their themes. The cartoons are usually animated and they help in the mind development of a child as they watch them. In recent, multimedia has advanced to enhance Disney programs to roll out much more intricate and technically sophisticated products. The channels offered in the program include live Disney channel programs on the computer which are supported by the Apple mobile devices, the available on computer which is also supported with the Apple mobile devices and the Video on demand full episode. Disney channel is a cable television in the American children channel that was initially launched in 1983. The owners of the channel are Disney-ABC TV group. The channel features various family program, games and movies. The main games on the channel include the Mad Libs, and the off the wall game

Disney channels provide one of the most popular programs that people enjoy over the television channel or online through the watch application. The channel have popular programs throughout the history, they presents shows that in various forms. There has been a progress in the programs offered by the channel in that initially it used to offer programs addressing children mainly and the young teen. Currently, the programs are categorized in various forms including the junior programs, the teen programs, and the preschool programs among others. All these programs address a specific group of people. The junior programs aim at children between the ages of three years to nine years. One can watch the full episode in the Disney channel through the online application or through the television. The online application can be accessed freely although at some times, there are restrictions that are set to govern the accessibility of the programs online. The channel presently constitutes original series that aim children and the teen group. There are also Disney original channels that are aired in repetition. There are games, cartoons and films that the channel displays and therefore an individual can watch a full series of episodes that the channel offers. The repetitive Disney channels include the lib rats, the mighty med and other short form programs.

In recent, multimedia has advanced to enhance Disney programs to roll out much more intricate and technically sophisticated products. Various researches conducted have commented the extensive entertainment emporium provided by the Disney channels which are psychologically applied with contents ranging from sexual to subliminal messaging and occult imagery among other adult themes. All these programs are placed within the children's animated films. If parents can examine these programs closely with the images they present and their concepts, they may think otherwise before allowing their children to watch such programs. Different people have different tastes and preferences on TV shows. Some opinions says that if Disney channel can adjust their applications such as the two outta the week pay old Disney channel, it would earn the company a lot of benefit since most people will be attracted to view the program.

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