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Disney channel is a cable television in the American children channel that was initially launched in 1983. The owners of the channel are Disney-ABC TV group. The channel features various family program, games and movies. The main games on the channel include the Mad Libs, and the off the wall game. The long running game shows include the contraption and lose or draw game. In recent, multimedia has advanced to enhance Disney programs to roll out much more intricate and technically sophisticated products. Various researches conducted have commented the extensive entertainment emporium provided by the Disney channels which are psychologically applied with contents ranging from sexual to subliminal messaging and occult imagery among other adult themes. All these programs are placed within the children's animated films. If parents can examine these programs closely with the images they present and their concepts, they may think otherwise before allowing their children to watch such programs. Some people raise concerns that Disney games sexualize young children and degrade the morality of the children through the use of dissident psychological habituation. Disney channel specifically operates as a free channel that opt not to show the traditional commercial adverts during the show break like other channels do. This is because the young children may find it difficult to differentiate between the channel's program and the advertisements. The free commercial operation of the channel also helps it to lower license fee rate charged to the broadcast features videos that are distributed by the major movie studios. The channel preserves underwriter's support with other major firms in the industry such as the best western, additionally; they also strategize ways to promote their programs. The channels series have a limited number of writing staffs when compared to other scripted series that are usually presented on cable and broadcast networks.

Films in the channel are mainly composed of half the Disney channels daily plan involving the year ranging from 1986 to 1998. The quantity of the presented movies in the channel has eroded steadily since then to an extent that they only air the films on Monday through Thursday in an inconsistent manner and only during the primetime. Most of the Disney movies that were made from the year 1997 to 2005 are rarely aired in the channel except for the holiday themed movies.

Some of the proper examined Disney cultural machines would take an individual to a very dark corner of applied behavioural psychology. Various young men are processed through Disney channels and most of the credentials in the US mega pop and Hollywood stars were groomed through the channel. Disney channels have popular shows throughout the history and they are produced mainly by Disney channel. Most of program in the Disney channel aim at adolescent ages and on the other hand, the junior Disney channels aim at children between the ages 3-9 years. Some program are however, target audiences of all age categories. The channel currently consists of original series that are aimed at young teenagers and the junior Disney aimed at preschool children.

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