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Disney channel has some programs that are meant for girls because the games presented on the channel mainly tackle things that are associated with ladies. The 2008 Disney games constituted animated games that had two extra host, Meaghan Jette martin and Cody Linley. The channel presents various programs of which some of them suit girls and other young boys. The programs were originally meant for teenagers and young children. Some of the features in the program include two high school girls and the cheetah girls. Such programs can be used to influence girls mostly compared to boys because of the nature of the presenters of the program. Disney channel offers several games that mostly appeal to kids, though they may also be relevant to young girls. High school musical is an American teen film that was introduced in the year 2006. It is the initial instalment of the musical school musical trilogy. It is one of the most successful Disney channel original movie that has been ever produced. High school musical 2 was released in 2007 and high school musical 3 in the year 2008. This was the earliest original movie that had a theatrical sequel. This is the most watched film that recorded the highest number of viewers when it was produced.

Their programs include games, music, and various series and episodes. Despite this, they also have cartoon programs that are valuable to the children since by watching such programs, the children get happy and live a jovial life. Disney channel have also incorporated games that suits different people at different age brackets. There are those games that are meant for young kids and those that are meant for the teen and adults. One only requires tuning in to the channel and can have the access to the program aired through the TV channel. The programs are aired at different times and in different seasons; for instance, there are programs that are run during the summer while others during the winter, the Christmas festive, weekdays and other on weekends. The presentations are always appealing to the audience since most of the episodes showed on the TV are animated and therefore, full of humour. For instance, in the phineas and fern episode, the two boys embarked daily on the some grand new projects that annoyed their sister, Candace, who always tried to reveal the shenanigans of the boys to their mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher. The sister often reported the, matter to their mother and in fewer occasions to their father Lawrence Fletcher. The channel has a unique choice of their programs which makes it to stay among the top valued TV channels. Some program are however, target audiences of all age categories. The channel currently consists of original series that are aimed at young teenagers and the junior Disney aimed at preschool children. The channel also airs a repetition of Disney original channels such as lib rats, kickin' it, and the mighty med, the feature films, short-form programs, and music videos

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