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Shake it up is an American sitcom presented in the Disney channel which was originally aired from November, 2010. It was created by Chris and starring Bella Thorne. The show follows an adventure of Cece Jones and rocky blue. These two characters star the show as background dancers on the local show. It is part of the programs presented in the Disney channel. Disney channel has some programs that are meant for girls because the games presented on the channel mainly tackle things that are associated with ladies. The 2008 Disney games constituted animated games that had two extra host, Meaghan Jette martin and Cody Linley. The channel presents various programs of which some of them suit girls and other young boys. The programs were originally meant for teenagers and young children. Some of the features in the program include two high school girls and the cheetah girls. Such programs can be used to influence girls mostly compared to boys because of the nature of the presenters of the program. Disney channel offers several games that mostly appeal to kids, though they may also be relevant to young girls. High school musical is an American teen film that was introduced in the year 2006. It is the initial instalment of the musical school musical trilogy. It is one of the most successful Disney channel original movie that has been ever produced. High school musical 2 was released in 2007 and high school musical 3 in the year 2008. This was the earliest original movie that had a theatrical sequel. This is the most watched film that recorded the highest number of viewers when it was produced.

The episode also gives the history of the misadventure they had on and off-set of their dilemma and the rising of their social status in school. The main casts in the series include kelton duty, roshon fegan, davis Cleveland, adam irigoyen and caroline sunshine. Shake it up Indian is an adaptation of the American shake it up which was premiered on March 2013. IT mainly revolves around the misadventure of two friends who were known as Walia Neel (Neeladri) and Yash (Yashpal) Mehta who were energetic and confident and skilled in dancing.

The shake it up series in the Disney channel is mainly about dancing and the series was featured three times, from the year 2011 to 2013. The series presents a misadventure of encounter of two friends who eventually reached their dream of becoming professional dancers. The show has also story lines which include the Rocky's brother who has a skill in dancing and rapping. The show was ordered up as Disney's effort in the initial female buddy show with a dance-driven aspect mainly. Disney channel's scripted programs feature extra scenes that are played over the closing credit. The programs are available online and people can access them online. Disney channels have popular shows throughout the history and they are produced mainly by Disney channel. Watch Disney channel is an application that allows an individual to watch the full episodes and favourite Disney shows freely on either tablets or computer

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