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The games were added in the year in March 2014 and viewed in approximation of 106 times. During this, an estimated value of 108kb bandwidth was consumed.

Jessie program mainly constitutes the most popular children shows that are aired on the Disney channel. Viewers will recognize the main character in the play, Debby Ryan. The character has a long time responsibility on the suit life and its sequel, the suit life on the deck. In the Jessie channel, Ryan is a young lady from Texas who starts her life out in the New York. She accepts a nanny position with a well heeled couple who are caring for their four intelligent children. In the play, Luke is a twelve years old boy who is born in a Detroit. Ravi is the most recent adopted Ross kid in the episode. He is from India and holds deeply on the eastern culture from her home place. Disney TV channel offers some of the most appealing programs to its audience. Their programs include games, music, and various series and episodes. Despite this, they also have cartoon programs that are valuable to the children since by watching such programs, the children get happy and live a jovial life. Disney channel have also incorporated games that suits different people at different age brackets. There are those games that are meant for young kids and those that are meant for the teen and adults. Various people have different preferences and therefore would watch games that appeals to their eyes. Initially most of the programs offered in the Disney TV channel addressed children and the family but currently they have incorporated other programs that can be watched by the adults too. One only requires tuning in to the channel and can have the access to the program aired through the TV channel. The programs are aired at different times and in different seasons; for instance, there are programs that are run during the summer while others during the winter, the Christmas festive, weekdays and other on weekends. The presentations are always appealing to the audience since most of the episodes showed on the TV are animated and therefore, full of humour. These games are suitable for kid's development. Princess is another type of kids programs in the channel. Disney channel princesses are available in with other two palace pets free and Blondie and Berry cannot wait playing with you. One can get into the enchanted world of the Disney princess palace pets. By watching the program, one gets to learn how the pets meet the princess as one follows the plot. The adorable pets are available in different forms but all of them love to get care and cannot wait to go for an adventure. There are various talents presented in the channel which are unique. The princess treats the princess to a delightful day in the royal pet salon.

When one experience some difficulties with the audio, one can check the audio setting using the device when the device is muted.

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