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Disney channel movies have incorporated people of all ages. Among the online movies, various people have different preference among the wonderful stories presented online. What determine an individual's preference are the characters presented in the movie. The games are posted on the website having the copyright of their respective producers. The games are accessible online through the site disney-channel-games.com. Disney movies are accessible online in which any person can access the movies. The movies are available under various terms and conditions. Some of the provisions may require and individual to subscribe to the cable provider before accessing the movie. There are certain restrictions that are set that only allow an individual to watch verified contents as per the subscription. The various categories of subscription that exist include: one can listen to the music on Radio Disney right on the application, watch the Disney channel live or else watch full episode of favourite at any time. The channel operates essentially as a trade free channel and therefore, does not opt to feature the traditional commercial adverts in the course of its in-show breaks because the younger viewers may not distinguish between the adverts and real programs. This also helps the channel to pay a lower licence fee rate to post advertisements on the feature films that are distributed in major movie studios. Disney channel's scripted programs feature extra scenes that are played over the closing credit.

Disney channel launched the new children program as a strategy to compete favourable in the market coverage. Children programs broadcasted through the cable television network aims children of various ages. Disney is specialized for children games all through from the original movies and series displayed on the TV. The channel markets its programs towards young children except for the week-end prime time block which is aimed at the ages between 2-14 years old children and the junior programs block the aims towards kids aged 2-6 years old. The diversity of the viewers has greatly increased in the recent with older audience and young adults. People can choose their favourite program and watch at their convenient time.

The movies are interesting and many people are attracted to watch them. Apart from online watching, people can also watch their programs via the TV channel. Their movies are full of humour in its entire plot providing a lot of laughing instances. However, it is important that parents be on watch when exposing their kids to such movies. Children ought to be exposed to what they deserve because some of the movies are horrific and may terrify children bringing some sense of fear in their life as they interact with the environment. In as much as they are provided on free terms, people should take caution since they may also cause harm. They have programs that are addressed to various age categories but mostly the target group are usually kids and the teens. Some of the Disney programs are appealing to girl children with shows such as the Hannah Montana. Some programs aired by Disney are also appealing to boys and they include Aaron stone among others

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