Game Disney Channel

This refers to any of the games in the competitions that were held during the summer of 2008 and were televised on the Disney channel. These games took place from July 27 all through to August 30, 2008. These Games had in addition extra two hosts, Cody and Meaghan Jette Martin. Compared to the two previous games, this edition of the games featured only 5 events and online hosts.The first episode was missed by Dylan and Cole Sprouse as they "missed" the bus.

Competition games included, Chariot of Champions, Hang Tight, Foos It or Lose It, Babyface-Off, Tug of Four and UltraMegaUltimateObstacular Relay.

It can also be used to describe any of the games aired on the Disney channel, an exclusively children American cable television which includes: Contraption (1983-1989), Off the Wall (1998-1999), Teen Win, Lose or Draw (1989-1992), Mad Libs (1998-1999), Disney Channel's New Years Star Showdown (New years eve special that ran from 2009-2010), Disney's Friends for Change Games (2011), College Bowl (1987), Disney Channel Games (2006-2008) and Disney's Win, Lose or Draw (2014-present)

Contraption is a game with two teams each with three kids competing in a game of answering questions which are about popular films on Disney channels. College bowl was the first ever televised quiz bowl while in off the wall, three teams each with three kids usually compete in a series of outrageous, weird and unusual events.

These games during the 2008 edition featured obstacle courses, relay races and other events that took five special half-hour telecasts. The presentation of these games was hosted by Brian Stepanek.It is important to take note that Phill Lewis didn t participate in hosting of these games during 2008 games edition. These special telecasts were officially closed with a post-Games concert that featured performances by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, The Cheetah Girls and Jordan Pruitt.

This closing event was filmed in Florida at the Walt Disney World Resort. This at last had benefits that accrued to four children's charities, namely; Starlight Starbright Children's Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation,UNICEF and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

The 2008 five subsequent special telecasts of these Games presentations were on Saturdays through August 30. All the 27 Disney Channels found across the world aired all the special telecasts and thereafter the local Disney Channel stars hosted their country's telecast. The "Inside Track," that's exclusively on, hosted by Cody Linley and Meaghan Jette Martin (Camp Rock) went behind the scenes of the 2008 Games. The users of had a chance to vote for their favorite players to enable them dive into the action via online versions of the "Disney Channel Games" that could be seen at least each week.

Eventually, from the announcement that was made by Miley Cyrus during the closing ceremony, the champions of the Disney Channel Games Cup were the team mates of Team Inferno.