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About Jessie

Jessie Disney Channel full Episodes Online is a sequence of episodes which can be seen directly on Disney Channel or it can viewed online for free. The lead character is Jessie Prescott that was played by an American actress, songwriter, musician, singer and album producer Deborah Ann Ryan. It is about a young lady named Jessie who lived in a small town.

She is a very ambitious girl who doesn’t like the way her strict father control her life. Her army sergeant father decided to quit in the military base or the place that provides somewhere to stay, utilized as command center, proving and training ground for the soldiers. Jessie unexpectedly finds herself turning into a nanny of four kids and move into another place which is a multimillion dollar penthouse or apartment on the Upper West Side with the rich Ross family.

The family is composed of the parents of the children, Morgan and Christina who always travel for pleasure and the very difficult to handle kids namely: Emma, Luke, Ravi and Zuri. Their pet is a seven-foot monitor lizard Mr. Kipling that was later on discovered to be a female so they change the name into Mrs. Kipling. Jessie has many adventures to encounter on her big world. She grows besides the children in her care who truly love, understand and support her. There are people who are there beside her to assist her in her task. They are Tony, a 20 year old boy, the house’s doorman who was secretly in love with Jessie and Bertram the ironic or very sarcastic butler.


Its genre is a situation comedy or usually abbreviated to “Sitcom”, that makes their viewers laugh because of exaggerated and very funny jokes. It can be distinguished because it is a type of comedy that has a storyline and there are unending characters. Its goal is to make people laugh and at the same time it provides enjoyment for them to somehow forget their problems. Public viewers respond to this humor because it controls their feelings and emotions.


It was produced by Pamela Eells O'Connell who had an experience before in creating sitcoms. She improved the character of Jessie and she showcased the talent or the ability of the actress Debby Ryan. In terms of controversies, it was not aired because of the conflict of schedules in Disney Channel.


Aside from the main role Jessie played by Debby Ryan, the main characters include Emma Ross which was portrayed by Peyton List (a woman with an excellent talent, quite silly, eldest child of the Ross family, the biological child of Mr. and Mrs. Ross). The character Luke Ross was played by Cameron Boyce (intelligent, quite addicted to video games and ironic and the second child of the family). The character of Ravi Ross was acted by Karan Brar (a very bright and kind boy) and Betram was played by Kevin Chamberlin (a very idle and bad-tempered butler. He assisted Jessie to handle his tasks to children). There are also returning characters like Tony, Morgan Ross, Christina Ross, Mrs. Rhoda Chesterfield, Officer Petey, Nanny Agatha, Rosie Stuart Wooten, Bryn Breitbart and there are also guest stars who appears in this sitcom.