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Disney channel have episodes that an individual can watch in full version or as per their convenience. Watch Disney is available to the Cox TV inhabitants who have the Disney channel as their Cox TV subscription. Watch Disney application is available in most of the computers, laptops and desktops. In order to access the channels and shows online, there are requirements that an individual must meet. The watch Disney applications can be downloaded from Apple store. Some of the Disney programs are appealing to girl children with shows such as the Hannah Montana. Some programs aired by Disney are also appealing to boys and they include Aaron stone among others. The program s are set to a given target group and they are displayed at a given specific time. For instance during the weekend evening, the channel airs first the recent episodes of the original series that runs for a period of three nights. The Friday night features include Jessie and gravity fall. Saturday night features include I Don't Do It, and Live and Maddie. All new episodes of Jessie Disney channels are aired on Friday. I n the play, Jessie (Debby Ryan) gets a different job.

Jessie program mainly constitutes the most popular children shows that are aired on the Disney channel. Viewers will recognize the main character in the play, Debby Ryan. The character has a long time responsibility on the suit life and its sequel, the suit life on the deck. In the Jessie channel, Ryan is a young lady from Texas who starts her life out in the New York. She accepts a nanny position with a well heeled couple who are caring for their four intelligent children. In the play, Luke is a twelve years old boy who is born in a Detroit. Ravi is the most recent adopted Ross kid in the episode. He is from India and holds deeply on the eastern culture from her home place. Parents are likely to appreciate the family friendly storyline and the diverse cast contained in the episode. The show is so unique and easily appealing to the viewers and appropriate for the young children and the teenagers. Watch Disney is the new way that an individual can access the full episodes of their favourite Disney channel at anytime they like. The channels offered in the program include live Disney channel programs on the computer which are supported by the Apple mobile devices, the available on computer which is also supported with the Apple mobile devices and the Video on demand full episode. Disney channel is a cable television in the American children channel that was initially launched in 1983. The owners of the channel are Disney-ABC TV group. The channel features various family program, games and movies. Disney channel specifically operates as a free channel that opt not to show the traditional commercial adverts during the show break like other channels do. This is because the young children may find it difficult to differentiate between the channel's program and the advertisements

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