Know the Different Disney Channel Games Cars

Cars is one of the famous video games offered by Disney Channel where you can always play with your most favorite cars character. Cars video game has been gaining positive reviews from a lot of online gamers and mobile players who have also experienced the different cars games offered by Disney channel. There are also many different game types of Disney channel games cars that you can take benefit from which include the following:

This is one of the best Disney Cars games wherein the player needs to test his memory and face up cars that are identical to be able to win the game. Once all the pairs are discovered, you win this cars game. This type of game will serve as test for your memory.

Cars Race

This is another type of cars games wherein the car characters are in an exciting and fun mood so they started to make a contest that the player needs to win before others do. This is an exciting Cars race wherein the player should press the arrow keys with the highest speed and try defeating others.

If you love lighting McQueen, then it is the right time for you to play with him. Now, you favorite lightning McQueen wants to join a desert race and he really needs your help to be able to finish the race and won the first place and get the trophy. If you want to help your favorite Cars character, this is the perfect time that you have always been waiting for. Help him and win the race together.

The characters of Cars are now up for a race, so they need the player to help them beat the other cars. Start winning the race and finish each lap for you to have a greater chance to be the first one to reach the final lap which is the most important part of the race.

Guido and Luigi have their own shop of durable and best quality tires for all cars. Now, a lot of customers came rushing through their shop that they need to attend to and provide their tires services before time runs out. Your work is to help Guido and Luigi in order to take those special tires. The special tires are only those that have a white circle on them.

If you love painting or art is your ultimate passion, you can really enjoy this cars game. Also, if you have your own favorite Disney Channel Cars characters, this is the perfect time for you to paint or draw your most favorite character with the look that you want. You can select a car, its color, the tires that you want for it, then start playing and make your own precious car that you can show to everyone.

These different cars games from Disney Channel will not only give you an opportunity to be entertained because this is also the perfect moment for you to play with your most favorite Cars character.