The Disney Channel Shows That Both Kids and the Whole Family can Enjoy Watching

Disney Channel is the home of all kid series, cartoon series and movies. With the kind of shows that are being shown in this channel, it is not surprising anymore why a lot of kids do not want to be disturbed once the channel is on. There are a lot of shows that kids love the most in this channel, which is why they so much watching on this channel. The Disney channel is featuring a wide array of shows that both kids and the whole family always enjoy watching. There are teen-friendly comedy shows and musicals shows. Of course, there also shows that kids and the family will never forget. If you are wondering what these Disney shows are, then here the list of them.

Kids Incorporated. This is one of the Disney Channel Shows considered as the earliest series shown on Disney Channel. The show made its debut in the year 1984. The story of the show revolved around the group dancing and singing teens who are dealing with their own personal issues. A whole lot of musical numbers were a major part of it. The show has run for an entire 9 years, and this is where Hollywood celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt, Brittany Murphy and Fergie also starred and first became known. These celebrities starred in the show one time after the other.

Lizzie McGuire. The show revolved around a young teen, which was starred by Hilary Duff, whose inner thoughts are all illustrated through cartoons, Lizzie’s posse, who were Gordo and Miranda, helped her in navigating the perils associated in junior high. The animated segments of the show together with live actions were the ones that made the show a unique one. Thus, it led with the viewers experiencing its unique feel and look, too.

Even Stevens. It is a show telling about the story of a family in California together with all the sibling rivalry taking place inside their household. One of the characters of the show was the Louis Stevens, who was then in the 7th grade and also the youngest kid of the family. He was portrayed by Shia LeBeouf whose became known as the character who was trying to make his voice to be heard over those from his older brother and sister who was portrayed by Christy Carlson Romano and Nick Spano. The show was also showing all the schemes and practical jokes that Louis was doing together with his friends.

Hannah Montana. This show is considered as the hottest shows in Disney Channel ever. The main character was portrayed by the up until now very popular Miley Cyrus. Due to the kind of receiving that people showed with the show and also of its popularity, several merchandises were also made like dolls, books, clothing lines and even video games. Miley was just 13 years old when she signed and started with her role as Hannah Montana. The fourth season of the show became the last of the show.

Through these shows, kids, and even all member of the family had an enjoyable time watching on Disney Channel. It was also through these shows when kids started dreaming. At this point, Disney Channel is continuously airing excellent shows for the benefits of worldwide viewers.