The Disney Games Videos That Your Child Can Play and Enjoy

Disney shows and cartoons will always be in the minds of every kid. But, now with the modernization that took place in the world, watching those popular shows and cartoon series in the famous Disney channel is not the only kind of entertainment that kids can enjoy at present. Today, kids can even enjoy these shows and cartoon series by playing them. These are through the Disney Games Videos application that is continuously being developed by application developers. However, for parents who are worried about the contents of such games, one thing can only be said. It is that the contents are all safe for the kids to play since it is just like with kids watching Disney shows or cartoon series with the only difference that there is the concept of who gets to win the game.

If you are looking for these video games that your kids will surely enjoy and will give you guarantee that the contents are safe, then it is such a fortunate for you since there are plenty of them. The good thing is that not only are given the opportunity to enjoy these video games but also those gaming enthusiast. If you want to know those top video games developed based from Disney shows and cartoon series, then here they are.

Video Games Developed Based on Mickey Mouse Series

Mickey Mouse is one of the foundations of Disney Chanel. He is the character who once became the most favorite of kids and even by adults. From the moment that video games were developed, plenty of video games applications were also developed based on that series. The recently released ones were the Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, which was released in 2012. This video game is applicable to be played in Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC with the Microsoft Windows OS. There is also the Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion which was released in the same year and can be played in Nintendo 3DS. The most recent one is the Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse released this 2013. The video game is applicable to played in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Duck Games

These video games are consisting of Disney’s Darkwing Duck, Donald Duck and DuckTales. The Darkwing Duck already has version for Game Boy and for Mobile Phones, which was just released in 2010. The recent Duck Games released this 2013 is the Ducktales: Scrooge’s Loot, which is for the iOS version. The Ducktales: Remastered is also released in the same year and it is one that can be played in Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Video Games Based on Disney Princess

There are several video games that were developed based on Disney’s Princesses. Some of these were Disney Princess: Enchanting Storybooks released in 2011 and can be played in Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. There is also the Brave, released in 2012 and is can be played in PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Mac Os X Nintendo, and Nintendo DS.

These are the video games that you can purchase and download for your kid to enjoy. With that said, why not look for a site where this can be purchased and download it now!