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One can watch Disney channel programs from a link that is found on their website. www.disneychannelshakeitup is a link that allows an individual to access the shake it up series from the Disney channel. All these programs are placed within the children's animated films. Disney games play an important role in the children development that can affect their development and growth. Disney animated cartoons are impressionable to young kids although some of them are fairly disturbing when one considers their themes. The cartoons are usually animated and they help in the mind development of a child as they watch them. If parents can examine these programs closely with the images they present and their concepts, they may think otherwise before allowing their children to watch such programs.

Various young men are processed through Disney channels and most of the credentials in the US mega pop and Hollywood stars were groomed through the channel. Some people raise concerns that Disney games sexualize young children and degrade the morality of the children through the use of dissident psychological habituation. Some of the proper examined Disney cultural machines would take an individual to a very dark corner of applied behavioural psychology. UK companies employ innovative design which involves intensive research in order to set an appropriate project implementation model, contrary to the UK, Chinese companies to a few of research work and therefore, their implementation strategies are based from the past experiences.

Shake it up is an American sitcom presented in the Disney channel which was originally aired from November, 2010. It was created by Chris and starring Bella Thorne. The show follows an adventure of Cece Jones and rocky blue. These two characters star the show as background dancers on the local show. The episode also gives the history of the misadventure they had on and off-set of their dilemma and the rising of their social status in school. The main casts in the series include kelton duty, roshon fegan, davis Cleveland, adam irigoyen and caroline sunshine. Shake it up Indian is an adaptation of the American shake it up which was premiered on March 2013. It mainly revolves around the misadventure of two friends who were known as Walia Neel (Neeladri) and Yash (Yashpal) Mehta who were energetic and confident and skilled in dancing.

The shake it up series in the Disney channel is mainly about dancing and the series was featured three times, from the year 2011 to 2013. The series presents a misadventure of encounter of two friends who eventually reached their dream of becoming professional dancers. The show has also story lines which include the Rocky's brother who has a skill in dancing and rapping. The show was ordered up as Disney's effort in the initial female buddy show with a dance-driven aspect mainly. The series have got various viewers including kids and adults. Gliatto from the people's magazine gave the shake it up series two out of four stars, writing that shake it up does not shake it up the kid com formula one section. The series currently scores 4.4 over 10 on the TV.com. The most watched series in the shake it up program has approximately 6.2 million audience.

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